5 Tips To Make Your Online Compliance Courses Exciting and Engaging!

5 Tips To Make Your Online Compliance Courses Exciting and Engaging!

Compliance courses are famous for being the necessary evils your employees need to bear every year. Is there any way to remove the sting of compliance courses? Is there any way to make them engaging? There sure is! Let us look at 5 tips which when considered can make your online compliance courses engage and appeal better to your employees.

Audience Analysis

Learning and analyzing your employees is a step that can make your course more appealing to them. How? When the courses address the needs of your employees, they are less likely to feel bored or pressurized to take an irrelevant course. In order to make your compliance courses more appealing, learn as much as possible about your audience beforehand.

For instance, if your employees are more inclined towards learning with the help of games, then you can use game-based courses to train them on various compliances. If your employees have good knowledge about safety training but less knowledge on regulatory compliance, your compliance training can address that specific need in detail. Various surveys and quizzes can be conducted to analyze your employees and their needs.

Illusion of choice

Your employees need to be given an illusion of choice when it comes to compliance training. It is well known that they have to take 2-3 courses annually. Although they don’t have a choice in that, they can be asked to take the courses in their preferred order. If at all they leave the course in the middle, they can start from the point where they left off, instead of starting the entire course again.

The same logic was used by CARMAX with their compliance training courses. By providing their employees the illusion of choice, they were able to increase the value of the course in a number of ways.

Engaging storylines

Your compliance courses don’t have to comprise legal jargon or boring list of rules and regulations. These policies can be told in the form of scenarios using an engaging storyline. Rich animations can be used for depicting scenarios. This will grab the interest of your employees, engross them in the course as they unknowingly retain and absorb the hidden rules in the scenarios. Visualization and experiencing is the best way to retain as well as apply the information in real life, and scenarios are the best way to do this.

Tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora Inspire can be used to create effective simulations and engaging scenarios for your online compliance training.

Up the fun factor

Although this might not be applicable to all the compliance programs, you can up the fun quotient in some of your training courses, making them more engaging. Games, videos, and animations can be used for this purpose. Tools such as GoAnimate can help create attractive animations easily.

Micro courses are the new big thing

Breaking your compliance courses into digestible modules whenever possible, is yet another way to make them more interesting to your employees. Instead of going through a long course, your employees can take in bite-sized information on a daily basis. This not only reduces boredom but also increases retention. Every mini course can summarize what they have learnt in the previous course, thereby reinforcing knowledge.

Thus, these 5 tips can not only help make your compliance courses more exciting and engaging, but also increase knowledge retention and application in the workplace.

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