6 Tips To Maximize The Online Training ROI Infographic

6 Tips To Maximize The Online Training ROI Infographic

6 Tips To Maximize The Online Training ROI Infographic

ROI of online training is a hot topic right now. What is really important to note is that measures to maximize ROI must not be handled in isolation. The 6 Tips To Maximize The Online Training ROI Infographic by EI Design outlines 6 tips that you can use to maximize ROI of online training. You will note that each of these tips will influence different levels of Kirkpatrick’s model of evaluation.


  1. Arraying the learning outcomes to business and performance goals. To start with, it is a suggested to take the time to do a detailed Training Needs Analysis and Competency Mapping practice, which will help scope the learning gaps and possible options clear.
  2. Determining the right learning strategy to craft the online trainings. Once you have shortlisted the project that has high-leverage, the focus moves to adopting the suitable learning strategy and creating courses that are engaging and immersive with effective use of Instructional Design to create “sticky learning” experience.
  3. Adopting an efficient assessment strategy. An efficient assessment strategy helps us evaluate if the training met the needed cognition level and was indeed able to bridge the distinguished gap.
  4. Driving the envelope to knowledge application. A great way to accomplish this is by using Performance Support Tools (PSTs) that can complement or supplement the eLearning program. These just-in-time learning aids can be offered to the learners at their workplace and within their workflow.
  5. Providing a collaborative learning platform (social learning).  Research shows that nearly 20% of our learning happens from feedback and from watching over our co-workers (peers, seniors, or role models). Providing platforms for social or informal learning will facilitate learning and can also be used to create live case studies of success.
  6. Getting user feedback and using it to update your approach. During the online development, you must collect feedback from target learner groups. This should be enforced as you move along. This feedback could include: Initial reaction: Interesting, Boring, Predictable, and Not Engaging or this could include views like the adequacy of content to meet the learning results, impact of the learning strategy

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