7 Stunning Benefits of EPUBs for Mobile Learning

7 Stunning Benefits of EPUBs for Mobile Learning

Organizations use eBooks widely to train their employees. They can be used very effectively as process and product manuals, user guides, etc. Workforce typically accesses these eBooks from their mobile devices such as iPads, tablets and Smart phones. EPUB is the most popular format to publish eBooks on multiple digital devices.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) forecast shows that the number of e-book readers in the U.S. is likely to grow up to 112.05 million by 2020 from 89.05 million in 2015. In this background of the shift to mobile devices from print for learning requirements, EPUBs come as a boon to many Small and Medium businesses. Here we present seven wholesome benefits of EPUBs for mobile learning.

1.Device & OS friendly

EPUB format is highly compatible with multiple mobile devices and operating systems. It can be functional with iPads, Android Smart phones & tablets, Windows mobiles, Blackberry devices, and gaming devices such as Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. EPUBs format works across ioS, Windows, Linux, Android and Blackberry operating platforms. Thus, they are very useful to read e-learning materials on any mobile device, irrespective of the platform. So training managers can exploit EPUBs in mobile learning for product training requirements.

2. Enhance learning

EPUBs can include hyperlinks and embedded links of audios, videos and other interactive features. In a way, these help enhance the learning arena of the users. This format has easy interchangeable capabilities, such as changing from portrait to landscape and vice-a-versa. Uploading product guides, user manuals and product demonstrations with interactive elements can come in handy for a company’s sales team.

3. Reading Personalized

EPUBs support personalizing the learning content. Content display can be designed and optimized for a particular device. Learners have the option of adjusting the text size &selecting preferred fonts as per their comfort. In advanced devices, readers can get the definitions and meanings for difficult and new terms. Most importantly,the search option is very useful to find out specific topics.

4. Feature-packed

EPUBs in digital devices can accommodate features such as highlighting, note taking, bookmarking and text-to-speech capabilities. These factors support employees to do their jobs effectively by absorbing learning through their mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

5. Compact Learning without Internet

EPUBs can be produced quickly unlike physical books and are compact. They can be viewed without Internet access after downloading, which makes distance learning very easy. This format occupies very little space in digital devices and can be forwarded easily via email attachments. EPUBs allow companies access large quantities of data & information without printing and collating the books/manuals. Employees or learners only have to carry their devices for workplace training.

6. Improve workplace performance

EPUBs help improve skills, knowledge & performance of employees through 24/7 access of learning resources. Research shows that learning on mobile devices improved workplace productivity by 43%, revenue by 73%;there was44% betterment in competency and 75%positive behavioral change in employees.

7. Help overcome disabilities

EPUBs help employees with vision disabilities by using text-to-speech features.The ‘Read aloud’ feature is most helpful while travelling and driving. Magnifying the text and providing different space options help learners with vision impairments. Audio playback, speeding up and slowing down features allow learners to read at their own pace.

After seeing these benefits, companies can think of EPUBs for their forthcoming mobile learning projects. By this, I hope you understand how EPUBs help improve your business by improving employees’ efficiency.

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