Courses on Selling Courses

wordpress-for-elearningThe secret is out: selling courses is a great way to supplement your income, or possibly replace it altogether.

The technology available today makes creating your own online course offering a straight-forward process. There is no shortage of hosted platforms or WordPress solutions available for the creation part – that’s easy.

The harder part about selling courses is, well, selling.

It didn’t take long for some savvy entrepreneurs to realize this, so perhaps it is no surprise that recently there has been a boom in courses about selling courses. The whole thing is kind of “zen” isn’t it?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with courses on this topic. They can provide you with some really useful ideas and strategies for generating buzz around your offering. Often times these courses are created by some really intelligent internet marketers.

But these courses are not created equal. Some of them are just opportunistic preying on people who are looking for a “quick fix”.

My advice is that if you feel one of these courses would be useful to first do a little background on the author(s). Some questions that may be worth addressing include:

  • How long have they been making a living online?
  • How do they make the majority of their revenue?
  • What kind of courses do they sell other than the course on selling courses?
  • Do they offer a coaching program with the course?

These are just a few items to look into as you explore your options. You may also wish to look up (or verify) any testimonials.

Finally, make sure you stick with common-sense. There are no magic bullet to success. If anyone promises that it will be easy – run!

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