Learning How to Learn with Notes & Maps

Learning how to learn may come easily to some students - but definitely not to all. Whether one is going to point their finger to a particular learning/academic culture or social setting, doesn't help students achieve either. 

Equally, mind-mapping is not a recent learning/study approach. However, there are different digital tools which help create mind-maps for generations now accustomed to working/learning digitally. 

Transo is one of these mind-mapping tools but with the additional feature of creating mind-maps out of outlined notes. 

With Transo, the user can work individually but also share their notes/mind maps and collaborate with others. 

Once you sign up, you can see different templates to choose from (example below):

Transo also includes clear tutorials for those getting started using it; there is a tutorial for who uses it on a mobile device, as well as a tutorial for using Transo on the web

For students of EAP and at Higher Ed in particular, this approach to note-taking and mind-mapping 
may be really useful, supporting them in their note-taking and learning skills. 

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