Micro learning – The Future Of Corporate Training

According to a recent statistic, the average attention span of the Millennial generation is 90 seconds.

What does this statistic say? The attention span of people is decreasing day by day. People no longer prefer to receive large amount of information at once. Even if they do, the results or the information retained wouldn’t be effective. Hence the increase in the preference for micro-learning.

Micro-learning is nothing but providing small yet powerful chunks of information to the learners. Learners can quickly grasp as well as retain the small sized information easily. Moreover this small chunks of information can be accessed easily even on small screens like mobile phones, PDAs and tablets. Adopting this technique for corporate trainings might prove to be fruitful. For instance let us take a scenario where a sales representative of a company wants to learn about a product? He can access a short video at any time about the certain product to get a quick overview about it.

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