Personalized Learning: People, Practices, and Products

by John O’Brien, EDUCAUSE Review The transformation under way at the point where teaching, learning, and technology intersect is so promising and so complicated that it is no wonder those of us involved in talking and writing about these developments are looking for the perfect turn of phrase to bring it all together. It’s our nature to seek out words to attach to the issues that matter, an inclination clearly at work within the universe of activities collected under the term personalized learning. The desire to name important trends in the technology landscape is hardly new: EDUCAUSE has made important contributions to the effort, capturing the imagination of the higher ed IT community by furthering both the idea of technology as a “game-changer” and the concept of “connected learning.” Share on Facebook var button = document.getElementById('facebook_share_link_16915') || document.getElementById('facebook_share_icon_16915') || document.getElementById('facebook_share_both_16915') || document.getElementById('facebook_share_button_16915'); if (button) { button.onclick = function(e) { var url = this.href.replace(/share.php/, 'sharer.php');,'sharer','toolbar=0,status=0,width=626,height=436'); return false; } if ( === 'facebook_share_button_16915') { button.onmouseover = function(){'#fff'; = '#295582'; = '#3b5998'; } button.onmouseout = function(){ = '#3b5998'; = '#d8dfea'; = '#fff'; } } }
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