4 Reasons Why Microlearning is Ideal for it Security Compliance Training

4 Reasons Why Microlearning is Ideal for it Security Compliance Training

It is no secret how employees feel about compliance trainings. Dry, lengthy, boring would be some of the common terms you hear when it comes to compliance rules and regulations. Add “complex” to this list of words and you would get Information security compliance consisting of various regulations such as FDIC, FFIEC, GLBA, HITECH, NCUA, OCC, PCI DSS, etc.

Is there no way to spin these words into positive ones? There sure is, and this is where microlearning comes in. Let us look at how microlearning can turn around this scenario.

Byte size is the right size

Human brain’s ability to process information is limited. Small amounts of data are easier to comprehend as well as remember. Let us take the example of a post-it note or a to-do list. These are used by people as a quick reminder about their daily tasks. You never see a post-it note containing long paragraphs of information. It contains crisp data which can be easily remembered by the person.

Micro learning works in a similar way. As we all know, micro learning digs through the lengthy content and shovels out the relevant information and presents it in short byte sized modules. “Coursels – small morsels of courses” are more suitable when training your employees on dry lengthy rules and regulations.

A survey by the BBC in 2003 revealed that micro-learning can improve understanding, retention, and application levels by at least 30%.

Your employees no longer have to sift through the legal jargon. They will be provided apt content or a checklist of dos and don’ts which they can go through in a short period of time. Not only this, they can also go for refresher training whenever they encounter the need by easily accessing the micro learning course.

Just in time learning(JIT)

JIT can come in quite handy when there is a breach in IT security compliance laws. Though incidence response training is provided every year, there are high chances of employees forgetting what to do when an incident or a breach occurs. The information about the rights and wrongs would be just a click away, helping your employees whenever in doubt.

Mini scenarios are embedded in micro learning courses which can help employees improve their decision making skills and react properly whenever a breach occurs. As microlearning supports mobile learning, your employee can quickly access the course from his mobile phone and react accordingly. Good incidence response can reduce the effect of the outcomes of the breach.

On boarding of new employees

We all know that compliance training is given to the employees annually or bi-annually. What about the employees who join in the middle of the financial year? Training them on IT security compliance is equally important. These employees can be provided the micro modules regarding the various IT security compliance policies. Providing the information in the form of short modules can help the new employees grasp the information and retain it faster and better.

The concept of using flash cards to remember complex English words and their meanings during competitive exams such as GRE, GMAT is quite common. Flash cards have crisp content or “to-the-point” content helping students understand and remember the meanings easily. Microlearning can be used in a similar way to help new employees understand and grasp the new rules and regulations of IT security compliance.


Microlearning courses are less expensive to design compared to the traditional e-learning courses. These courses are ideal for IT security compliance training because it is conducted once or twice a year and allocating huge budgets for it is impractical. Moreover the training modules for microlearning can be developed quickly and easily. This helps update the courses whenever a policy is revised or a new rule is added.

Considering all these advantages such as the cost effectiveness, JIT, byte sized information and more, micro learning would be the ideal way to train your employees on IT security compliance. These benefits not only are applicable to employees but also to organizations, reducing the burden of budgets and development of the courses.

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