Do You Have a Digital Office?

Over the years that I have maintained this blog, I have watched as web tools and apps slip slide into fashion and then quietly, glide to a silent retreat. With web culture, in general, changing so quickly, it is no wonder that digital tools and platforms also go through trends and waves of change, whether in terms of popularity or merely because of the features they offer. 

One interesting trend is how there have been efforts to create visual connecting spaces. The other day I attended a webinar with GoBrunch (mentioned here) and really enjoyed the novelty of its visual layout and features for webinars and online classes. My Digital Office offers similar features in regard to visual support when connecting online. 

My Digital Office is mostly geared for professionals in the business world, but also have a free version allowing 3 team members. 

It's interesting because (besides the similarities with GoBrunch and their visual digital spaces), My Digital Office includes video conferencing and chat features for meet ups, indicates the local time participants log in from, and the ability to exchange files/documents with the team. My Digital Office also includes a practical User Guide  and the integration of Zoom

For teachers who work online/remotely, this could be an interesting option to connect for online meet-ups.

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