Focusing on the Learner with ePortfolios

Throughout the days of busy classrooms,  there is often a lack of serenity and tranquility in teaching. The constant focus is testing, testing, testing, administration and more administrative work, taking away energy from what really matters - the student. 

Teachers everywhere are under growing pressure to show their students' positive results, under pressure with  how best to handle  budget cuts in education and increasingly less time for professional reflection. But I digress.

If the focus is on the learner (and shouldn't it be?), one activity that students today should be engaged in, is creating their own ePortfolio. This can be done by setting up a LiveBinder, through curation or by having an account with a specific tool/platform.

GoEnnounce is one more option for students to set up their ePortfolio.

If the focus of education is for learners to be better prepared for their future working lives, then having them keep an ePortfolio is part of that learning process. ePortfolios are another variation of keeping the focus on learners, their own personal contributions to their learning, interests and achievements. Throughout  the "busy-ness" of classroom days, learners themselves have little time to pause and reflect. By giving them time to work on their e-Portfolios, they are not only show-casing their achievements, but also reflecting on their learning, and developing  a personal learning space to later share. 

Reflection, time to create are essential elements of learning. 

How do your students create their personal learning narratives and experiences? How do your students maintain their digital portfolios?

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