How to Speed Up Your Elearning Authoring Process

Elearning authoring should be quick and agile. You shouldn’t have subject matter experts (SMEs) or outside stakeholders slowing down your projects.

By using the right tools and implementing the right processes, you can speed up authoring so you can produce more elearning without spending more money.

Here are three ways to speed up your elearning authoring.

1. Break down traditional communication barriers

communication barriers

Stop relying on email to communicate with your team members! Online communication tools now make it easier than ever to stay in touch with team members during the entire authoring process. Consider using a tool like Slack to open up communication. Slack is a messaging app that allows for real-time communication between team members. Through the entire authoring process, team members can keep an open channel to discuss all the details of the project. This will help eliminate the back-and-forth email delays that can drag out deadlines.

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2. Make use of online collaboration


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Your employee brain trust is one of the many strengths of your organization. When you want to use that brain trust in creating elearning modules, it’s important to encourage online collaboration so employees can contribute from wherever they are stationed. Hence, you absolutely need elearning software that facilitates seamless conversation no matter where your team is located.

3. Embrace a collaborative authoring tool


Your elearning authoring tool should make it easy and efficient to collaboratively produce and maintain elearning content. You shouldn’t need to use multiple tools to collaborate on a project. Gone are the days of sending large files via email and collaborating using Word documents.

Elucidat provides a collaborative platform that can help your team work smarter and author faster. Multiple authors can work on elearning modules at the same time, ensuring there is no need to send around files or integrate cumbersome updates. All team members can leave comments and feedback directly inside the tool, instead of using email or Word documents.

Companies like Tesco and Recruiter Hub are using Elucidat to collaborate and communicate faster. This is enabling both companies to speed up elearning project delivery times.

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