Key Factors To Consider Before Purchasing An Authoring Tool [Slideshare]

E-learning has exploded onto the learning markets hurling its shiny benefits such as cost effectiveness, increased ROI, ease of delivery and more. With increasing time, the features of e-learning development have also increased. Gone are the days when developing a course meant working for a huge amount of time. With the advent of rapid authoring tools, the time taken to develop a course has decreased. These authoring tools help designers create effective interactions easily without the help of a programmer.

Because of the decreased course development time, built in templates, and lower development costs these rapid authoring tools are providing, many organizations are purchasing these tools. But what are the factors that need to be considered before purchasing an authoring tool?

Check out the slideshare for the key factors to consider before purchasing an authoring tool which covers the following:

  • Why are rapid authoring tools important?
  • Why is rapid e-learning preferred to traditional e-learning?
  • How to purchase an e-learning tool that suits your learning requirements?

Access the free slideshare here!

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