Learning Visually with Themes

Learning comes differently to each of us.  So does expressing one's learning and paths of knowing. 

Among the various literacies which we consume and participate in today, visual literacy is the ability to communicate with images, creating images, reading the message, transmitting meaning. 

Thematic  is free, allows sharing and embedding. Thematic offers the possibility to tell stories visually, with few words or none at all. Below is a beautiful example on Myanmar by Prinapatel

Despite there already being great tools to use for presentations, students still tend to use too many words in their slides, often hindering the power and impact their images could have. By using Thematic as a presentation tool, and even more importantly, as a storytelling tool, learners focus on the image, the meaning and flow of story telling. Additionally, many learners, equipped with their mobiles and other digital devices, do take plenty of their own photos. Why not use their interests to tell contemporary stories, their own personal stories?

Learning comes easiest when immediately connected to oneself.

Learning makes immediate sense visually.

What stories will your students be telling this coming Winter?

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