Public LMS Pricing: Proof You Can Overpay

It is too easy to overpay for an LMS in 2016.  In recent posts, I’ve described how cloud LMSs are disrupting and expanding the market with their customer friendly license models and shrinking implementation fees. They are at it again with a novel trend — public LMS pricing.  Cloud LMS vendors are already installed in the cloud allowing new clients to be on-boarded instantly with no sales interaction.  Cloud LMS vendors advertise their fees clearly.  If buyers think it is too high, so be it.  Cloud LMS vendors just need to keep a steady and growing flow of web traffic and a certain percentage will automatically convert into paying customers at any price point. The public pricing is typically provided in tiers based on number of learners, functionality or both.  A monthly or annual cost is standard.  Implementation and set up charges can be extra or factored into the tiered offering.   Some vendors charge additional for content storage, number of administrators and number of courses.  The range of LMS functionality available with each vendor is all over the board.  All of this can make comparing LMS pricing laborious and tricky.  For every LMS buyer big or small, there exists a range of vendor pricing so wide a ship could [...] The post Public LMS Pricing: Proof You Can Overpay appeared first on Talented Learning.
The post Public LMS Pricing: Proof You Can Overpay appeared first on e-Learning Feeds.

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